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Psychic Cleansing

  • Why we need it

  • Practical applications


Psychic Protection

  • When, why and how

  • Variations to suit your style



  • Reflections on usage

  • Personal options


Closing down

  • Why it is necessary

  • Basic application to suit the individual



  • Reference to the Physical World / Spiritual World

  • Visualisations

  • Sensing



  • Explanation of each of the main chakras

  • Sensing your chakras

  • Chakra meditation



  • Explanation of each aura level

  • Seeing your aura

  • Sensing your aura

  • Seeing/sensing the dominant aura colours



  • How pendulums work

  • How to use a pendulum

  • Locating your chakras with a pendulum

  • Checking for physical problems

  • Searching for hidden/missing items


Feather Readings

  • Discover your past in a surprising and fun way



Flower Sentience

  • What is flower sentience?

  • Methods of reading flowers

  • Stem

  • Leaves

  • Flower heads

  • Representations of damage, opportunities, happiness and personality

  • Past, present and future readings


ESP / Telepathy

  • The difference between them

  • Zenner cards history

  • How to use Zenner cards

  • Practical experience

  • Group telepathy



  • The energy of psychometry

  • Who can do it?

  • Psychometry in everyday life

  • Methods of use



  • What is scrying?

  • Options for scrying utensils

  • Mirrors

  • Crystal Balls

  • Candles*

  • Water

  • Smoke*

  • Preparation

  • Practical scrying

Ribbon Reading

  • History

  • Items required

  • Creating a ribbon bag

  • Ribbon energy

  • Colour and texture

  • Practical ribbon reading


Tasseomancy (reading with tea leaves)

  • What is tasseomancy

  • History

  • Best tea leaves to use

  • Specific teapots

  • Correct method of poring and tipping into the cup

  • Layouts and locations

  • Deciphering the symbolism

  • Traditional symbols

* Due to venue restrictions, we are unable to practice these at workshops. However, they will still be discussed in depth.

You will receive three fully illustrated handbooks for you to take home with you which not only include additional exercises for you to practice with at your own pace and leisure, but also guides to other subjects for you to try.


These include:


Working with inkblots​, Automatic Writing​, Readings using Pictures​, Spiritual Healing​, Spirit Guides​, Mediumship​ and Meditation.

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