Reiki Training and Attunements

For those wishing to learn the principles and practical benefits of Reiki, either for personal use, or to practice on others I offer full certified Reiki training.

This is always held at my home in Honiton, East Devon, and never has more than two students present. This way my students receive more personal attention than a larger group, enabling them to leave feeling confident in their newly discovered abilities. 

Should you be interested in learning Reiki always carry out some research and find the best practitioner for you. We all tend to have our own methods and styles of teaching, including when you receive your attunements and certificates and, of course, different costings. Have a chat with the ones you are drawn to and see whether they can offer you what you are seeking in your Reiki training.

All my Reiki courses are accredited with the IPHM.

Reiki I - First Degree

This is the wonderful introduction to Reiki where you discover the gentle energies of Reiki,learn the principles of working on yourself and others as well as receiving your Reiki I attunements. This is a full day training session, and you will receive not only your certificate of completion but a 60+ page full colour manual. 

Reiki II - Second Degree - Practitioner

After a minimum of 12 weeks of practice on yourself after attending your Reiki I training, you can move on to, what is often called the 'practitioner' level. Here, on a full day training session, you will learn how to professionally work on others and will receive the relevant symbols for this level as well as another full colour manual. 

To ensure you fully understand the the responsibilities and skills of becoming a practitioner, you will be asked to carry out at least three case studies over a minimum of 6 weeks, but preferably longer. This will give you the necessary confidence to offer the best possible experience for any potential clients and to represent the Reiki community in a positive and professional light. Once the case studies have successfully been submitted to me for checking you will receive your certificate, which will enable you to become a member of the IPHM should you so wish (subject to a relevant membership fee). As a member of the IPHM you will be also have access to competitive insurance rates which you will need should you choose to become a working practitioner.


Reiki III - Third Degree - Master

This is where the student is attuned to the Master level and enhance their Reiki skills even further. These Master symbols allows the student to become a Reiki Master themselves and, when they are ready attune others (should they so wish). Not all Reiki Masters decide to teach. On successful completion on the day you will receive your certificate.

Prices 2021

Reiki Level I - Full day

£100.00 - Includes manual, and Reiki I certificate on the day.

Reiki Level II (Practitioner) - Full day

£130.00 - Includes manual and relevant symbols on the day. Practitioner certificate will be released after successful completion of three case studies which will then allow you to obtain insurance should you decide to become a Practitioner.

Reiki Level III (Master) - Full day

£150.00 - Includes manual. Master symbols (enabling you to carry out attunements on others) and Master's certificate on the day.