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Discover Your Inner Psychic©

IPHM Accredited Two Day Course

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We are all psychic in some way; some use that ability, and some prefer to let it remain dormant until the moment comes when there is a yearning for knowledge to step onto that psychic path.


This IPHM-accredited two-day course, 'Discover Your Inner Psychic©', will gently introduce you to a diverse cross-section of psychic and spiritual disciplines to open up your abilities and desire to learn more.


Some subjects will resonate with you, some will not, and that is the whole point... for you to discover which aspects you wish to expand on further for your psychic and spiritual development.


Who knows where it may lead!


(If, for whatever reason, you are unable to book an entire Saturday and Sunday together, let me know, and we can look at splitting them over two weekends).

Click here for full details of the course. 


£220.00 - 1-2-1 two-day tuition based in Honiton, East Devon. 

This training session can also be carried out via Zoom - ask for details.


Contact me for more information


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