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What is Mediumship?


So, first of all, what is mediumship? Well, it is the ability to contact those who have passed over to the spirit world. If you have the gift of mediumship you are known as a medium. So, in a nutshell a medium is someone with the ability to communicate with the spirit world.


Everyone has mediuimship capabilities to some degree, but as with most things in life, some are more attuned than others. Even those who discovered their mediumship skills at a very early age, need to learn how to control it, expand it, and learn the many different ways to use it.


Most of us refer to the ‘spirit world’ simply as ‘spirit’, so you will hear mediums speaking of ‘working with spirit’ which covers many different aspects but indicates that they are working in the light, and for the benefit of all.


A medium is, therefore, a vessel honoured to have the amazing skill to pass on messages from those who have passed on to the spirit world


An Introduction to Mediumship - Full Day IPHM Accredited Training


This one day of training will enable you to discover the many tools and aspects of becoming a medium. You will be introduced to different areas of mediumship, methods, the importance of working safely and, of course, lots of practical sessions in order you can put those methods into practice.


Click here to open up full details of the subjects covered


As with all my sessions, you will be coached with humour and without pressure, but by the end of the day you will have a good practical understanding of mediumship to enable you to take your skills further should you so wish..


Mediumship is not for everyone, however, this workshop will help you decide on your next step!



£95.00 - 1-2-1 full day session based in Honiton or via Zoom.

Contact me  for more information.

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