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MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS with this IPHM Accredited Mindset Workshop

Unlike many Vision Board workshops, Manifest Your Dreams© is a fun yet instructional day of self-discovery, it will delve deep into your subconscious to understand what truly makes you happy (often a bit of an eye-opener), what you already have in your life, what you feel you want to change and, interestingly, what foundations the universe has already provided for you!


Of course, there will still be plenty of time to produce your very own Vision Board of which all tools will be provided, including a good quality board for your creation.


  • What has made you happy in the past? We investigate the key aspects of your past joyful moments. Is there a link?


  • What are the many facets of your current life? The good, the bad, and the definitely ugly!


  • Highlight what you can utilise to move towards your goals and subsequent happiness, and what we can remove to make way for it.


  • Discover what our real desires are (often not what we first thought)!


  • Prioritising.


  • Being thankful.


  • What is a vision Board – what how do we use it?


  • Creating your Vision Board


  • How does it compare to what you thought it would look like?


  • How to utilise your knowledge, work with your sub-conscious and the Universe, to Manifest Your Dreams©



£95.00 - 1-2-1 full day session based in Honiton, East Devon. 

Contact me  for more information.

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