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Spell jars are a simple, and beautiful way to energise your life with positive thoughts to help focus on your personal life. 

This accredited half day workshop will introduce you to the loving energy of these jars, from their history, uses, and the do’s and don’ts (particularly focusing on ‘with harm to no one’), to create a spell jar for your very own personal use.


This is a fabulous workshop where you really can create your very own Spell Jar. However, there's a lot more involved than you may think!


Not only will be be covering the history where you will learn about 'Witches Bottles' and what they were used for in the past, but energy work and, of course, the benefits of making one.


We will also cover cleansing, protection and preparation, the laws of attraction, intention, choosing the right contents and of course, the premise of always working in the light and with the best intentions at all times.


The session includes all the tools you need to create your spell jar on the day, including the jars themselves, crystals, candles, a full colour manual and the best quality herbs, crystals and plant materials sourced from magical Glastonbury!




£55.00 - 1-2-1 half day session based in Honiton, East Devon. 

Contact me  for more information.

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