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The Diploma is an additional stage of your Tarot development and confirms to potential clients your skill and professional understanding of the craft of Tarot reading. 


Whilst there is no regulatory governing body for Tarot readers, the IPHM only permits courses to be accredited by themselves after strict evaluation and approval by a panel of experienced Practitioners and Professionals, verifying the quality and content of each course provided by their members. 


On completion of this Tarot Diploma, you can also be automatically accepted by the IPHM (subject to the relevant membership fees) to become an accredited reader, with all the benefits they have to offer confirming to potential clients that you are a professionally trained and knowledgeable reader. 


Diploma Entry

To reach the Diploma level, you will need to have successfully completed the following:

  • Attended my full tarot course (Levels 1, 2, and 3) either via workshops, Zoom, or in-person one-to-one.

  • Carry out and submit a set assignment, which will be provided to you and include questions and sample readings (this can be done in your own time and at home).

  • Carry out three case studies, which must be written up/recorded and submitted to me for checking.

  • Carry out a reading for a third party, selected by me, with me silently observing either at my home or as a recording via Zoom.

Whilst this may sound difficult, if you have studied and practised your Tarot, you will have no problem completing the above tasks.


By gaining this Diploma, you will show others that you understand Tarot, have taken your studies seriously, and have made a conscious commitment to become a competent and knowledgeable reader. This will ensure you can offer your clients the best possible experience should you choose to become a professional reader.


The Diploma is not automatic. I will thoroughly assess the results of your assignments, case studies, and live reading to ensure you fully understand all aspects of Tarot. Should there be areas where you are not quite ready, we can discuss this and arrange for further tuition to bring you up to a professional standard if required. This is to ensure the quality of your readings to others and, most importantly, your self-awareness and satisfaction with your skills.



  • £75.00 This includes the provision of the questions and notes on submitting your case studies, plus the organisation of the test 1-2-1 Zoom reading (or arranged at my home in Honiton), and if successful, your Diploma Certificate.

If further training is required:

  • Personal One to One Private Tuition - £35.00 per hour. £15.00 for each further hour or part of (held at my home in Honiton).

  • A further short test and/or case study will be required, however there is no further charge for this.

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