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Levels 1 and 2

Two-Day Course

Two Full Days of Private 1-2-1 Tuition - (in person or via Zoom)

To commence your Tarot journey, we start with a two-day course. These two days will enable you to gain the knowledge and confidence to set you firmly on your path as a Tarot reader.

This will highlight many aspects of Tarot you may not have considered before and gently guide you through a maze of symbolism, structure, layouts, reversals and much more!

Whilst the myriad of subjects we cover seem daunting, they all, in fact, mould together with ease, each one following on seamlessly from the subject before.

Of course, all my courses involve a lot of laughter, so not only will your learning experience be fun, but there will be no pressure. In saying that... I will make you work!

Ideally these two days would be over one weekend (Saturday and Sunday), however if you are unable to book an entire Saturday and Sunday together, let me know, and we can look at splitting them over two weekends.

Subjects Covered in Levels 1 and 2

Day One

  • Brief History, including the Witchcraft Act

  • The Rider Waite Deck

  • How to choose the best Tarot deck for you

  • Buying a deck from a store

  • Purchasing on-line

  • Cleansing your new or second-hand deck

  • Storing your deck

  • Infusing your energy into the cards

  • Overview of the cards

  • Essential structure

  • Major Arcana

  • Minor Arcana

  • Elements

  • Basic Tarot Numerology

  • Learning your personal significance of each card

  • Basic Symbolism

  • Preparing for your readings

  • Layouts

Day Two

  • Understanding what a Significator is used for

  • How to choose a Significator

  • Practical use of a Significator

  • Personalities within the Court Cards

  • How to accurately assess the star signs, elements and attributes of the Court Cards

  • Reversals - Pros and Cons

  • Introducing Reversals into a reading

  • Traditional Reversals

  • Intuitive Reversals

  • Further insights into Symbolism

  • Further Layouts


£220.00 - 1-2-1 weekend session based in Honiton, East Devon.

This weekend training session can also be carried out via Zoom - ask for details.

Alternatively, for my group workshops in Glastonbury, please click here.


Contact me for more information.

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