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Reiki I is for those entering the wonderful world of Reiki. Students will discover the gentle energies of Reiki and learn the principles of working on themselves and others. This is a full day training session, with plenty of ‘hands on’ practice and a full 60-page A4 manual, complete with illustrations.

Attunements are carried out on the day, and the student will receive their certificate at the end of the day after successful completion of the exercises.


  • REIKI – WHAT IT IS AND HOW DOES IT WORK? – Rei (Spiritual Wisdom) – Ki (The Life Force) – The difference between Reiki and other healing disciplines.
  • WHAT HAPPENS ON A REIKI TREATMENT? – Basic treatment details – Energy flow – Possible experiences – Advice on when NOT to carry out Reiki.
  • ATTUNEMENTS – What are attunements? – Initiation procedures – Possible after effects – Practical advice.
  • HISTORY OF REIKI – Dr Mikao Usui – Dr Chujiro Hayashi – Mrs Hawayo Takata – Phyllis Lei Furumoto.
  • USUI SKIKI RYOHO (Usui System of Natural Healing) – Four Aspects – Personal Development – Healing Practice – Spiritual Discipline – Mystic Order – Nine Elements – History – Oral –Spiritual Lineage – Initiation – Symbols – Treatment – Form of Teaching - Monetary Exchange – Precepts.
  • THE FIVE PRINCIPLES – Just for today – I will not worry – I will not anger – I will count my blessings – I will do my work honestly – I will be kind to my neighbour and every living thing.
  • ANATOMY – Endocrine system – Major organs – Lymphatic system.
  • CHAKRAS – What the chakras are – Their relevance in a Reiki treatment – Checking your chakras.
  • SELF TREATMENT – Benefits – Procedures – Hand positions.
  • WORKING ON OTHERS – Physical and mental comfort – Preparing the environment – Preparing you – Preparing the client – Commencing the session – Scanning – Combing – Sensations – Hand positions – Finishing the session.
  • QUICK SEATED REIKI SESSIONS – Benefits - Preparation – Hand positions.
  • OTHER SUGGESTIONS FOR REIKI HEALING – Procedures for - Animals – Plants – Food and drink – Crystals, Tarot cards etc.
  • THE NEXT STEP – Moving on to Level II – Regular practice on others – Daily self-healing – Living by the Five Principles – Benefits of keeping a journal - Enjoying the journey!

Healing with Reiki Energy ©


With Barbara Hennessy

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