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COVID-19 update

It is wise to take no chances when it comes to this virus, which is affecting us all in some way, whether it be our health, trying to sort out childcare, shopping, or worrying about close relatives and friends.
With this in mind I have made the decision to postpone all of my up and coming workshops and groups to ensure the safety of everyone who were booked in to attend.
Some I have moved forward; some I have left as they are… just in case they are feasible to do.
Below are the amended dates, but watch out for further changes as more may need to be postponed and, of course, contact me if you have any queries.
There are big changes happening within the world at the moment, and who knows where they may lead. Just remember, to keep yourself safe, look after the needs of those less fortunate than you… the elderly, those less healthy and the lonely. Most of all to stay positive. Out of all this negativity we can build a stronger community spirit.
Blessings, Barbara x


  • September 26th Wytches Market - Town Hall - Glastonbury - Somerset

  • December 12th Wytches Market - Town Hall - Glastonbury - Somerset


Previous Events..... 


  • February 6th Psychic Development - 7:30pm to 9:30pm - and fortnightly afterwards - Serendipity, High Street, Honiton


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