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Tarot Mentoring
(Private tuition only)

For those who wish to gain more confidence with their readings...

This is a mentoring session where we can explore your strengths and weaknesses and give you more practice on the areas you wish to improve.  There is no set pattern to this session as the day is about you, and how I can help you improve your skill as a reader.

I can arrange for someone to join us so you can practice on a complete stranger without the pressure of a time limit and the benefit of help if you get stuck.

Tea and coffee provided.


£50 for two hours, £10 for each further hour.  Please contact me for available dates.

(For those who are considering becoming a professional reader)

This is a private mentoring session, but for those who are seriously considering becoming a professional reader.  You will need to have had plenty of previous practical experience, and been on at least two of my workshops (or had private tuition with me) in order for me to honestly assess whether you have the ability (and tenacity) to enter the world of professional readers.  

We will discuss your USP, events, working from home, marketing, social media and insurance etc. We will also discuss the pitfalls, the financial implications, and hostility that you may encounter - as well as the positives of helping those who come to you with their problems, the friendships and camaraderie of other readers and spiritual people you will meet on your travels.

I will arrange for one person, or possibly more, for you to practice on, but this time in a controlled environment with a time limit, noise and interruptions, to give you some experience as to what a Mind Body Spirit event may entail.

Tea and coffee provided 


£75 for three hours, £10 for each further hour.  Please contact me for available dates.

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