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Tarot for Advanced Students

...New for Autumn 2020

Private Tuition / Workshops

Full Day 10am - 4pm
For many years I stepped away from teaching 'Advanced' Tarot, preferring to concentrate on mentoring those who wanted to take a step further. However, I have bent under pressure from my many students, have given in, and will launch this new workshop in the Autumn of 2020!

We will enter the depths of more traditional Tarot, focusing on the traditional meanings, the links with astrology, numerology. colours and, we will even spend time stepping away from the Tarot cards themselves, to enter the world of using ordinary playing cards for readings. Of course, there will be new layouts to try and lots of practice to continue to hone your skills.

This workshop is only available to those who have attended (at least) my Intermediates workshop or have previously received private tuition from me.  However, if you feel you have experience but have never trained with me, simply contact me and we will discuss whether this workshop would work for you.

The basis of all my workshops is fun and laughter, and this one is no exception, however be prepared to work hard... and leave with a greater knowledge of Tarot!

As with all my classes, handouts, pens, paper, teas and coffees are provided, together with another full colour handbook for you to take home as a reminder of your day, and to assist you as you practice at home.


Workshops - £45 per workshop. Please check my Up and Coming Events page for venues and dates.

One to One Zoom Tuition - £90.00 for 1-2-1 Zoom tuition over two x two hour sessions 

Group Zoom workshops - £45 per person (minimum two students). These are spread over two / three x two hour sessions. Times and dates to be agreed. Please contact me for available dates.

Personal One to One Private Tuition - £140.00 per day - This is a full day of personal 1-2-1 tuition held at my home in Honiton. Please contact me for available dates.

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