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A little bit about me
"Barbara Hennessy is a well-known professional reader and psychic teacher based in East Devon. She has been reading cards since the 1970’s and has been teaching Tarot and Psychic Development privately and in workshops for a number of years. Several of her students have moved on to become professional readers due to her continued mentoring and encouragement. She is the approved Tarot reader at the Glastonbury Wytches Market (a not for profit organisation) as well as appearing at numerous other Psychic and Mind Body Spirit Fairs throughout the South West and beyond.  
As well as Tarot, Barbara reads playing cards and runes, and has interests in many other prediction and spiritual subjects. She is a Reiki Master and, at time of writing is one of the few UK Licensed Practitioners of The Mind Mapping of the Subconscious with The Linda Bullock Technique™.
She is editor of a monthly e-magazine called The Psychic Owl, which covers a wide range of psychic, paranormal and holistic subjects, as well as being a member of the Honiton Spiritualist Group".

Barbara Hennessy at Beacon Tarot

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